War of the Titans


War of the Titans - claim your wealth! 

Open the gate to ancient Greece and witness epic adventures in a world where infamous titans battle for immense wealth. War of the Titans, the new slot from Apollo, takes you to the battlefield of legendary battles, where the power of the gods meet with endless possibilities of winning. 

War of the Titans and themed symbols 

War of the Titans comes with five reels, three rows and five paylines, setting the scene for incredible wins. Symbols such as Sigma, Omega, Delta, Phi, the Medusa, an owl and the gifts Perseus received from the gods adorn the reels, bringing the ancient Greek epic to life. And that's not all. 

The graphics in the game War of the Titans slot captivate with their detail and meticulous design, bringing every element of ancient Greece to life. Distinctive symbols and a rich color palette create the impression that the player has really found himself on the battlefield among the titans. Sound effects enhance the authenticity of this epic slot. 

 Wild bonuses in War of the Titans! 

A three-headed dog appears on the battlefield of War of the Titans, symbolizing the Wild symbol. This guardian dog replaces missing symbols on a payline and expands across the entire reel, bringing the possibility of bigger wins. 

The Multiplier bonus feature adds even more excitement to the game. With the possibility of multiplying the winnings by 3x to 5x, if matching Sigma, Omega, Delta or Phi symbols appear on the reels on 3 to 5 reels in all positions, the winnings are all the more tempting. 

Get ready for exciting adventures, exciting battles and huge winnings that await you in War of the Titans. Give this slot a chance and let yourself be carried away to the world of gods and titans, where every spin is a new epic story. 

Number of reels:
Game Theme:
Bonus symbols/spins:
Kaskádové wildy
Apollo Games
Returns - RTP:
90-96% %
Number of winning lines: