Occultum 81


Occultum 81 - the mysterious world of the occult 

Get ready for an exciting adventure full of mystery and mystical powers with the Occultum 81 slot machine. This occult slot machine is made for all those who love mystery, occultism and alchemy. With rich symbols and fresh themes, it opens the doors to hidden secrets that are just waiting to be revealed. 

Mysterious symbols in Occultum 81 

The Occultum 81 playing area consists of 4 reels and 81 paylines, which offer endless winning possibilities. Symbols such as skulls, potions and spell books bring an occult atmosphere to the game and enhance your gaming experience. 

The developers at Apollo decided to delight players with two types of wild symbols. The red wild replaces the missing symbols, while the blue wild multiplies your winnings by 2x, adding extra excitement to the game. 

Spells that will mesmerize you 

The Parchment symbol appears randomly on the board and triggers one of three spells. Sorting magic randomly rearranges symbols, helping you create winning combinations. The magic of random wilds provides another chance for winnings. 

The summoning spell triggers the wheels of fortune, represented by a red and blue wheel, bringing an extra dose of excitement. The red wheel with three levels offers you a chance to win 20x to 100x your bet, while the blue wheel can bring you a win of 10x to 40x your bet value. 

The Occult slot not only offers exciting graphics and sound effects, but also innovative game mechanics that will keep your heart beating fast with anticipation. Immerse yourself in an adventure full of unexpected twists and discover the power of the occult with Occultum 81 - a slot that will fascinate every mystery lover. 

Number of reels:
Game Theme:
Bonus symbols/spins:
Apollo Games
Returns - RTP:
90-96% %
Number of winning lines: