Monster Slots


Monster Slots: these monsters will make you smile! 

Do you like Pokemon? This slot machine was heavily inspired by them. Enter the swamps full of monstrous creatures that will bring you incredible winnings! A world full of mysterious monsters, where every step will immerse you in a fascinating adventure. 

Monstrous atmosphere in Monster Slots 

Allow monsters, magical gems, mysterious runes and magical symbols to make your imagination run wild. Explore a mystical landscape with four unique creatures representing the four elements. Wins are counted from left to right. 

In this five-reel game, monsters of fire, water, earth and electricity will trigger your win in different paylines: 3 winning symbols will give 27 paylines. 4 winning symbols will offer 81 winning lines. 5 winning symbols will bring 243 paylines. 

Evolution in Monster Slots 

Monster evolution also means higher winnings, which can be 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x the game stake, and it all depends on the number of runes you collect. Plus, you get a free respin with every evolution. The wild symbol cannot be missing in Monster Slots either. 

What about the scatter symbol? With three gems in hand, you know you've found the treasure because it triggers a bonus game in the form of free spins. Rune symbols do not appear in the free spins bonus game. During free spins and respins, monsters evolve into stronger monsters with greater abilities. 

A story full of secrets and monsters lies before you like an open book. Accept the challenge and enter a world where slots combine with virtual reality, where your skills and decisions will influence the course of your own Monster Slots story. Don't hesitate and give this slot a go! 

Number of reels:
Game Theme:
Bonus symbols/spins:
Free spinyVýběr z truhelKaskádové wildy
Returns - RTP:
90-96% %
Number of winning lines: