Goblinions - riches in the underground 

In the dark depths of the underground, where mysterious passages open and irresistible treasures are hidden, the slot machine Goblinions sees the light of day. This underground realm is not only a place for daring treasure hunters, but also home to little green creatures known as Goblins. These strange creatures live in their own world, protecting the treasures that lie deep below the surface. Will they aid you in your quest for winnings? 

Get a chance to score big with Goblinions! 

The Goblinions playing area shines with rich gems, designed in the shapes of executioner symbols. There are 5 reels and 25 paylines waiting for you in this slot game - a good chance to rake in some winnings! 

Collecting 5 bags of gold will get you 8x your bet, but the real prize comes from the little green goblin that serves as the wild symbol. With two or more goblins on the reels, you activate respins, where each additional green goblin brings another chance to win. 

A cart full of explosives? 

Up to 5 goblins on a line will give you a staggering 20x your bet. Thanks to wild symbols, the reels keep spinning after every winning respin, bringing more chances to hit. 

And let's not forget the bonus symbol - a cart full of dynamite that appears on reels 1, 3 and 5. Get enough ammo to detonate the piles of rubble in front of the entrance to the bonus game. After this adventure, you will be rewarded with 10 free spins in the bonus game. 

The denizens know the paths to riches, and now it's up to you to join their adventures. With a spade and a pickaxe in hand, you will go down dark corridors, where exciting wins and incredible treasures await you. The goblins will be your guides, their green faces will glow in the dark as you try to uncover the secrets of their hideouts. 

Number of reels:
Game Theme:
Bonus symbols/spins:
Free spinyRespiny
Returns - RTP:
90-96% %
Number of winning lines: